Smart Campaigns

Introducing Smart Campaigns 

The first-ever solution for automatically optimizing mobile advertising across local markets. 

Smart Campaigns tests campaign variables and automatically reallocates your budget to top-performing ads in each location. The result? Increased personalization and a bigger payoff for ad spend. It's like adding rocket fuel to your mobile ad strategy.

Smart Campaigns

Take the guesswork — and the work — out of optimizing local mobile advertising.

A/B Testing

 Smart Campaigns split tests campaign variables, such as audiences or creative elements, in each local market. 

Automatic Optimization

A proprietary algorithm examines performance across local markets and automatically reallocates your budget to the top performer in each location.

Better ROI

 You can sit back and relax, knowing your advertising dollars are going to the top-performing ad in each and every market.

Smart Campaigns is a truly revolutionary product. I'm assured my advertising dollars are spent on the best performing campaign, in each local market. It even handles budget reallocation, which saves me more time."

— Christy Morgan, Digital Marketing Specialist, American National Insurance Company 

Christy Morgan